Kids SoHo Playground

Kids SoHo is an indoor playground and a one-stop education center focused on play and peer interaction, facilitating opportunities for positive early learning experiences. With a 600-square-meter playing and learning area, Kids SoHo is Bali's leading learning destination for children and families, servicing the local and growing expat community.

Bubble Splash Party

The Daily Bubble Splash event is designed to provide children with a unique and entertaining environment to play and interact with others. To take its bubble experience to the next level, Kids SoHo utilizes a cutting-edge entertainment technology product that combines a bubble machine, fog machine, and LED lights into a single unit. The Bubble Blaster unleashes a shower of colorful bubbles that are illuminated by integrated LED lights, creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect that will take your breath away.
Everyday at 12.00 | 14.00 | 16.00 | 18.00 | 19.00 | 20.00 for 5 minutes





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Michael Rinkner
Michael Rinkner
A really nice playground for little kids. Staff is constantly tidying up the place. Once in a while there is a bubbles event when all kids dance and try to catch bubbles. The slides are great but security must be improved to prevent sliding kids from bumping into other kids who hide in the ball pool below. The place is clean and the equipment with toys is good (but not outstanding). There is a little coffee shop attached to the playground so parents can wait and enjoy a cup of coffee.
Great place for the kids to play. Has Cafe with TV screen of the play area. Totally indoors.
Elena Abaturova
Elena Abaturova
Чисто, большое пространство достаточное и для родителей всех детей, игрушки периодически обновляют, туалеты чистые. В кафе очень приятная девушка 😍
Arthur Worsley
Arthur Worsley
Fantastic kids play area.

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