October 20, 2023

Epic adventures and 360° action added to the impressive array of activities offered at the kids club


Bali, July 2023Kids SoHo, Bali’s leading indoor playground and one-stop education center, is excited to announce its brand new collaboration with White Rabbit VR, a renowned virtual reality (VR) company. This partnership aims to introduce an immersive VR gaming experience exclusively designed for children, further enhancing Kids SoHo’s commitment to providing exceptional play and learning opportunities for young ones.

With a sprawling 339-square-meter playing and learning area, Kids SoHo has established itself as the go-to destination for children and families, catering to both the local and expat community in Bali. Now, in partnership with White Rabbit VR, Kids SoHo is set to introduce a new way for children to engage with technology and play. By integrating VR gaming into its already impressive array of activities, Kids SoHo and White Rabbit VR aim to create a unique and memorable experience for children. Through carefully selected and age-appropriate VR games, children will be transported to captivating virtual worlds where they can explore, learn, and interact in ways previously unimaginable. This fusion of physical play and cutting-edge technology will encourage imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills, all within a safe and supervised environment.

“We are thrilled to partner with White Rabbit VR and introduce this fun VR gaming experience at Kids SoHo,” shared Prami Pratiwi, one of the founders of Kids SoHo. “As Bali’s best kids club, we are dedicated to providing the best in play and education for children. This collaboration allows us to harness the power of virtual reality to engage and educate children in a way that is exciting, immersive, and safe.”

The VR gaming experience at Kids SoHo will be available starting July 1, 2023. Parents can now enroll their children in these exciting sessions, providing them with an unparalleled opportunity to embark on extraordinary virtual adventures.

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